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We are saving 3 billion kilograms of CO2. Every year. That's equivalent to 2.000.000 annual car emissions.
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The vision of Phoenix

Capital Genève has extensive experience in big energy projects and is ready to deploy its resources on a large scale green hydrogen project, Phoenix. By scaling up the production of green hydrogen, our company is committed to making a significant contribution to the global effort to achieve a sustainable energy economy. Capital Genève is convinced that the success of Phoenix hinges on achieving a production point of 300,000 metric tons per annum of green hydrogen, which would make the project one of the largest green hydrogen initiatives in the world.​

A major competitive green hydrogen project

Source water for 100+ years

Positioned well for export of green ammonia

Supportive regulatory environment

Pecos County: A Sustainable Haven for Green Hydrogen.

Pecos County has been identified as the optimal location for green hydrogen production, owing to its well-established infrastructure, abundant renewable energy sources, and supportive regulatory environment. The county's strong tradition in energy production further reinforces its position as an ideal location. With a distance of approximately 450 miles to Corpus Christi and 500 miles to Houston, the area is positioned well for the export of Green Ammonia .
Pecos County – West Texas
Infrastructure due to long energy tradition​
Ideal circumstances for Renewable Energy​

Vital to the mix of energy.

Green hydrogen, produced using renewable energy sources, is a vital solution for achieving carbon neutrality in the energy mix. It can replace traditional fossil fuels for transportation, heating, and industrial processes, and is expected to play a crucial role in the global energy transition towards a sustainable future.​
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800+ wind turbines

Harnessing the relentless Texan winds, our project proudly features over 800 wind turbines that consistently achieve a capacity factor exceeding 50%. This remarkable efficiency ensures that we're not only capturing nature's power but maximizing its potential.

6K+ acres of solar

Basking under the Texan sun, our initiative boasts an impressive area of over 6.000 acres covered with solar panels, each boasting a capacity factor surpassing 30%. This means that our panels are adept at converting sunlight into energy.

40 electrolyzers

At the heart of our endeavor lies cutting-edge technology - 40 state-of-the-art PEM electrolyzers. These remarkable units drive the transformation of water and renewable energy into green hydrogen, epitomizing our commitment to innovation and sustainable progress.

Your global partner for sustainable hydrogen solutions.

Join us on our mission to create a cleaner world with Phoenix's cutting-edge green hydrogen technology.
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