Built on financial and sustainable expertise.

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Built on financial and sustainable expertise.

Phoenix I represents a significant opportunity to contribute to the global energy transition, and our team is uniquely positioned to make this project a success. With extensive experience in financing, project development, and investments of energy projects, we have already identified a credible partner, and are now eagerly awaiting the FID to be executed as off-take agreements are signed. Our team's expertise and track record provide a strong foundation for the success of Phoenix I, and we are confident in our ability to deliver a project that meets the needs of our stakeholders and contributes to a more sustainable energy future.​
Introducing the core team driving Phoenix One—an assembly of experts deeply committed to a sustainable future. Our team's skillset spans finance, project development, and energy investments, ensuring every facet of the project is meticulously handled. Collaboration and strategic partnerships are at the forefront of our approach. We're not just executing tasks; we're driving tangible results for sustainable energy solutions. Phoenix One is the embodiment of our collective dedication, translating into a concrete step towards a more environmentally responsible future.

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The Phoenix One plant is poised to serve as a key supplier of green ammonia.

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